Monday, 19 February 2018

The Wing Chun Way - Muk Yan Tsong Vol.5 & 6 [2 in 1 Digital Download]

The Wing Chun Way - Muk Yan Tsong Vol.5 & 6 [Digital Download]
15,00 € each


"Muk Yan Tsong - The Form of the Wooden Dummy and its applications (Advanced Chi Sao)"

This is the fifth and sixth volume of the of The Wing Chun Way series, combined into one video! In this video, Master Michael G. Papantonakis presents the 108 moves of the Wooden Dummy, including many applications and standardized exercises (drills).

Furthermore, he presents and explains the advanced Doubles Hand Chi Sao at the level of the Wooden Dummy.

NOW with English Subtitles for all Wing Chun enthusiasts around the world! English

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45 minutes

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