The download is done directly from our servers, in high quality MP4 format, which allows you unlimited playing, without restrictions.

All operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh), and most current Smartphones, Home DVD players, HD Multimedia and MP4 devices are compatible with MP4 files.

Important: A Digital Download is a video download only. Therefore you will not receive the video by post.

Video format details
Data Size: 200-600 MB
Video Format: MP4 codec h-264
Bit rate: 1,2 - 1,5 Mbps
MPEG-4 Audio Stereo, 48 kHz, 128 kbps

Minimum configuration required

• Intel or AMD processor or similar (450 MHz or faster)
• At least 128Mb RAM
• 650Mb free space for each downloaded title
• A 512-Kbps modem
• A 16-bit sound card
• A 16 million colors video card.

Software required

• Internet Explorer 7/8 or Firefox 2/3.x or Safari 3.x or Chrome 8.x
• An updated computer via Microsoft Update (Service Pack 3 Windows XP is recommended).
• An MP4 (codec h-264) compatible media player.

Play mp4 files on computer?

You can play the videos with a video player software compatible with MP4 (codec h-264), such as QuickTime Player, iTunes, Winamp, RealPlayer, Nero Media Player, Media Player Classic, Mplayer, or VLC media player.

• Download VLC media player from the following link:

Viewing restrictions

There are no restrictions on time or number of viewings. These files remain on your computer, hard disk or mp4 device until you delete them. Our videos are not DRM protected, so you can even burn them to a CD/DVD and create your own collection of downloaded videos.

Watch videos on TV

You have different options for watching the videos on a TV, depending on your multimedia devices:
  1. Burn your videos to a CD / DVD and view them on your home DVD player.
  2. If your portable MP4 device has TV Out connection, just plug into your TV using the cable provided by the manufacturer.
  3. If you have a multimedia hard drive, simply transfer the video files from your computer. You can also copy your videos to a Pen-Drive: many DVB-T tuners, DVD players and even televisions already have USB input for playing videos from external devices.
  4. If your computer has a card with video output, simply connect it to the TV with the proper connections (RCA, component). Some TVs feature SVGA input to be connected directly to your computer as a monitor.

Playback Problems

I downloaded a video and played it correctly on my computer. But I've recorded to a CD / DVD and my home DVD player does not rec
  • Make sure your home DVD player supports MP4.
  • All of our videos are encoded in PAL video standard. If your country is NTSC standard compliant, you will have no problem with playback on a computer, portable MP4 device or multimedia HD. If you record your videos to CD / DVD you will need a PAL compatible player.

MP4 devices

PSP, iPod, iPad, Mobile Phones and other MP4 compatible hardware

Are the files compatible with my mp4 player?
• These files are compatible with most mp4 players. Please check your device´s specifications to verify the compatibility with MP4 h264 codec video files.

Do I need to install any software?
• If your device is compatible with the h264 video codec, you don´t need to install any additional software for downloading or importing the videos into your MP4 device. You can synchronize files with the software that came with your device (e.g. iTunes)

General downloading problems

Before downloading, your computer will prompt you to "Open With" or "Save" the file. Be sure to select "Save", otherwise the download will fail.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to accept cookies.
To enable cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer: Go to Tools> Internet Options> Security> Privacy and move the cursor to the level 'Low'.

The video does not reach the end, I can not fast forward / rewind

  • The problem is that your video has not completely downloaded. You can re-download your video from "My Account / My Videos."
  • If the problem persists, you should use a Download Manager to download your video correctly.
Some Internet providers do not offer sufficient quality connection for downloading large files. Your Windows configuration can also pose problems. A Download Manager (eg Free Download Manager) is advisable to do so.

I have problems to connect and access my account

  • Make sure you have correctly completed the registration form, especially indicating a correct email address. If you have not received any confirmation email after your registration, the email address is incorrect.

How to download the videos

When making an order you will receive the following messages in the email address you provided during registration: details of your purchase, payment acceptance, and a direct link to download your / your videos.

You can also download your / your videos from the page "Your Account":

  1. Once you go to "Your Account", you will see your purchase history. Click on your order to see the details.
  2. Click on the icon/name of the product to download the MP4 file.

Where the MP4 file is stored once downloaded

Depending on the configuration of your Explorer (Settings/ General/ Downloads- Save downloaded files in) downloaded files can be stored in different locations, and not directly on the Desktop.

How you use your coupons-vouchers

When you proceed to payment, your shopping cart summary will appear. You will find here a field named "Enter your coupon”. Enter the code and press "Add" to validate the discount, then continue with the payment process.

Payment Methods

Payments can only be made through Paypal.
Please note that Paypal now accepts payment by credit card without having a registered Paypal account.